3 reasons to celebrate NYE at Lex Nightclub!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

3 reasons to celebrate NYE at Lex Nightclub!

Whether you have had the most prolific, most amazing year of your life...or one of those years that when you look at your "Year in Review" on Facebook, those "shameless" selfies now have you breaking out in anxiety-ridden hives, and you wish that one of those Internet hackers would have torched your timeline a long time ago... either way, 2015 has arrived. New year, new you, and a new venue to party your ass off well after the ball drops at midnight. Here are 3 reasons why spending your New Year's Eve at LEX Nightclub will be one of the best decisions you have made all year (yes, we are THAT confident), as well as our New Year's Resolution to YOU!

1. Out with the old, in with the New: Boring house parties, staying at home doing aboslutely nothing, going to the same club or bar for NYE everyyear...yea, we just yawned too. So, leave those tacky red plastic cups from the house party behind (and the mess too), get a babysitter if need be (we suggest an overnight one), and try something new this year- The Black Tie Affair" NYE party at LEX Nightclub! (ticket link)

2. From head to Toe: New Year's Eve isn't just for girls who long to shine brighter than the decorations in the room, or the other women that surround them (ladies, you know who you are). More and more guys are dressing up to the 9's, and let's just say that no one is complaining. At all. Go ahead; pull out your NYE swagger, your GQ, whatever you'd like to call it.A round of applause goes to you...followed by double takes and smiles from across the bar. A room full of hot people? That's reason enough for all of the employees of LEX to come to work that night!

3. Seal it with a Kiss: Single? Attached? Conveniently both for the night? Either way, come midnight the New Year's kiss is something that's on everyone's mind. For some, it's an exciting feeling. For others, more awkward than a middle school dance. With the thousands of guys are gals expected to come through our doors, the odds of landing yourself a hot make-out sesh in the middle of our dance floor in quite probable. Grab some mints, grab your date (or a random-we won't judge), and kiss 2014 goodbye! (hotel rooms link)

Last but not least, LEX Nightclub's New Year's Resolution to YOU: Each year, resolutions are made. To start waking up earlier on the weekends. To stop drunk texting your crush relentlessly. Yea, we can't help you with any of those. Our resolution to you? More lights, more energy, more nights where you party until your friends peel you off of our dance floor...OH YEA, and an entertainment line-up for 2015 that is going to absolutely blow your mind. Seriously, though. ;)

Happy New Year!