Nevada Graduating Class of 2014

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Nevada Graduating Class of 2014

To the Nevada Graduating Class of 2014,

As you embark on the next voyage of your life, we at LEX Nightclub would like to congratulate you on your degrees that have required so much hard work to obtain.

We will never forget the champagne showers, sorority girls ripping their clothes off for Brody Jenner, the massive tailgate parties being held in our parking lot (we know who you are), the 21-year-olds staring awkwardly at the promo models, then jumping in the pool to party with them, intoxicated women leaving in VIP style via wheelchairs, the shuttle parties from the university to LEX, sending the UNR club soccer team to Guadalajara (haven't heard from them since- hope they're ok), guys fist pumping with Pauly D, and girls taking "selfies" with The Chainsmokers.

We will miss the Class of 2014 greatly, and we can't wait until you return with disposable incomes. We truly appreciate you guys helping us open this nightclub successfully, and for setting an example for the future classes to come.

From the staff of Lex Nightclub, we wish you a Grand future in whatever it may be in!