DJ on Deck - Vice Edition!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

DJ on Deck - Vice Edition!

DJ on Deck - Vice Edition!

Vice has become one of the top DJ's in the world, and we got the opportunity to hear about his inspirations, memorable moments, and excitement for performing in Reno on November 21st!

LEX - What were your first thoughts on being asked to play at LEX Nightclub in Reno?

VICE - I had already heard from a fellow DJ, Eric D-Lux, what a crazy crowd I was about to play for.

LEX - Who were some of your influences when you started DJing? And today?

VICE - I was influenced by different types of DJ's... everyone from Jam Master Jay & Jazzy Jeff to Erick Morillo and Bad Boy Bill. Today I am a fan of any DJ that can keep my attention for longer than 15 minutes.

LEX - What song can you not go one night wihtout playing?

VICE - I never plan any of my DJ sets so I always forget to play songs I love.

LEX - Who would you love to DJ with?

VICE - It's not a certain person it would be more about DJ'n at Studio 54 in NYC during its prime years.

LEX - What is the most memorable show you ever played?

VICE - EDC Las Vegas

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