DJ on Deck - DJ E-Rock Edition!

Friday, October 3, 2014

DJ on Deck - DJ E-Rock Edition!

DJ on Deck - DJ E-Rock Edition!

DJ E-Rock keeps it real, and our "DJ on Deck" interview with him shows why missing him at LEX on October 3rd would be a mistake!

LEX - What were your first thoughts on being asked to play at LEX Nightclub in Reno?

ER - "After hearing so much about this venue during its build out and even now during operation, obviously Lex was a venue that I wanted to make sure I experienced before the new year. I'm excited and I'm ready to bring it this Friday."

LEX - Who were some of your influences when you started DJing? and today?

ER - "I am as Bay Area as it gets so being from here my influences are people like Q Bert, Franzen, Jazzy Jim, Dave Meyer, Glenn Aure, Bobby Speed, Greg Lopez, Mind Motion... I grew up idolizing these guys and it means the world to me that I can call a lot of these guys friends or brothers. As I grew up my tastes in music changed and my influences in this did as well, I started to find out about other DJ's like Vice, Clinton Sparks, Eric Dlux, Whookid, DJ A.M (RIP), E-Man, The Baka Boyz and realized the importance of taking my mindset to a more global stance that sticks with me today. Again, very honored to be privileged enough to call these guys friends as well."

LEX - What song can you not go one night without playing?

ER - "Right now I have a few: Borgore - Ratchet, Big Sean - IDFWU, Jack U - Take U There."

LEX - Who would you love to DJ with?

ER - "Borgore, Flosstradamus or Diplo"

LEX - What was the most memorable show you ever played?

ER - "There are just too many to name, I mean we can go from playing a sold out stadium such as AT&T Park for the San Francisco Giants, to a jamming Las Vegas Saturday Night at Haze Nightclub which I've been doing for the last 3.5 years all the way to playing at home in San Francisco at a club I currently program, Infusion Lounge. I am sure that LEX will be one amazing night to add to this list!"

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