DJ on Deck - Clinton Sparks Edition!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

DJ on Deck - Clinton Sparks Edition!

DJ on Deck - Clinton Sparks Edition!

Clinton Sparks gives us an inside look at his personality and playing styles as he answers our 5 "DJ on Deck" questions! See him LIVE on our decks October 17th!

LEX - What were your first thoughts on being asked to play at LEX Nightclub in Reno?

CS - "My first thoughts were, 'I'm in Vegas the next night, let's do it!' I've also heard great things about the new venue. Excited to come and rock this show!"

LEX - Who were some of your influences when you started DJing? And today?

CS - "I didn't have any influences on how to be a DJ, rather I watched the best to see what they were missing out on, or what they were not capitalizing on per se. The two DJs that I saw live that made a lasting impression were DJ Self & DJ Chubby Chub. It was because of Chubby Chub that I became a DJ who works the microphone too.."

LEX - What song can you not go one night without playing?

CS - "Hmmmm, I can't really answer that because I play according to the energy and the crowd. I may play stuff completely different than I did the night before. Always a must to slide in some good ratchet shit though. My new single, 'Geronimo'. featuring T-Pain, Ty Dolla $ign and Sage the Gemini, is also a must. "

LEX - Who would you love to DJ With?

CS - "It doesn't really matter to me, honestly. Whoever likes to have fun. I like DJing with my brother, DJ Snake... We haven't DJd together in a while."

LEX - What was the most memorable show you have ever played?

CS - "Wembley in London... Tuuuuuuurnt!!!!!! Get Familiar!!!"

CS - "Can't wait to rock in Lex. This is my first time in Reno...


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