DJ on Deck - DJ Pauly D Edition!

Friday, October 24, 2014

DJ on Deck - DJ Pauly D Edition!

DJ on Deck - DJ Pauly D Edition!

DJ Pauly D took a few minutes of his time to answer some questions exclusively for LEX Nightclub! See him LIVE on our decks October 24th!

LEX - What were your first thoughts on being asked to play at LEX Nightclub in Reno?

PD - "I was honored when they considered bringing me to Reno to DJ for LEX Nightclub!"

LEX - Who were some of your influences when you started DJing? And today?

PD - "DJ AM for sure has been a huge inspiration to me! Now I'm really liking music from Diplo."

LEX - What song can you not go one night without playing?

PD - "I can't go a night without playing my new track 'No Tomorrow'!"

LEX - Who would you love to DJ with?

PD - "I'd love to DJ with Calvin Harris!"

LEX - What is the most memorable show that you have ever played?

PD - "My most memorable show was NYE Live in Times Square NYC for a million people!"

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