7 Reasons to celebrate your Birthday at LEX Nightclub

Friday, September 12, 2014

7 Reasons to celebrate your Birthday at LEX Nightclub


1. Stay where you play - Whether you're a baller, or a baller on a budget, we have rooms of all scales and sizes to fit your wallet and needs. Besides, it's much sexier to go back to a hotel room than to hail a cab after a night of partying. Room Link.

2. So much food, so little time - Dancing and drinking on an empty stomach is never a good idea. Ever. It's your birthday - passing out on the dance floor from starvation, or worse, the bathroom floor from making out with a toilet bowl, isn't fun for anyone. Grand Sierra Resort offers an array of delicious restaurants for everyone's taste buds. We know it's your birthday, but don't be that person. Dinner Options.

3. Models with bottles - Sure, your mother is probably a beautiful woman, however throwing a birthday party at home with your mom pouring your drinks all night is not the way to celebrate your big day (sorry, Mom!). Our lovely Ladies of LEX are ready to show you and your friends that taking shots at your VIP table is much cooler than taking shots at a piñata.

4. Champagne Showers - No, this is not just some sort of fabricated lyric in a party anthem song. It's real. Our cocktail servers long to be sprayed down with the bubbly by their bottle service customers. We want your birthday wishes to come true - why not make one of our beautiful ladies' wishes come true as well?

5. Be our Guest - We all have those friends who cringe when having to reach into their wallets. It happens. VIP table or not, you and your friends will be talking about "that night at LEX for your birthday" for months on end. Inquire about our guest list on our website, and breeze by the general admission line and into our guest list entrance with complimentary admission!

6. Party like a rock star, and with them too - With weekly live performances from headliners like Tommy Lee, The Chainsmokers, and other nationally recognized DJs, we guarantee that whatever weekend your birthday falls on, our entertainment lineup won't dissapoint! It's okay to be a groupie from time to time. ;) LEX Upcoming Events.

7. Oh yea, we have a POOL - Unfortunately, you cannot wear your birthday suit to our parties, but swim suits are definitely encouraged. If your birthday falls in the winter, don't worry - we've got you covered. Literally. We keep things hot all year round with our monthly Sunday Swim parties.

Leave the boring birthdays in the past - come celebrate another year of YOU with US!

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